Your Treasured Vinyl Transferred to Digital

by Colin
(St Severin)

Vinyl to Digital

Vinyl to Digital

Memories are made of Hits - don't let yours just f-f-fade away...!

We can transfer your treasured vinyl to CD/DVD/USB/etc.

Any 12 inch LP's 45's and 78 rpm.

All your oldies brought back to life with pops and crackles reduced, too!

Compilations made. You can even have the original sleeve artwork reproduced for a little extra...

And before your favourite Music Cassettes finally wind their way to a standstill, let's give them the same treatment.

What about those precious VHS recordings or 8mm Digital Video cassettes? Why not have those put onto DVD or Blu Ray?

Don't let your memories end up in the bin - revive them for the next generation...

Call Colin on 0545 25 13 16

Email to

P.S. if you Need Computer Help?
or Digital Camera Photograph manipulation,
we can do that, too

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