Working in the Charente

If you plan to be working in the Charente, or it looks likely that you will have to work in France it is highly recommended that you check out the possibilities before you leave to buy a house.

The Charente is mainly agrarian with few large towns or cities, so available work will reflect this.

There may be positions in farming, horticulture, landscaping, viticulture, or for mechanics, shop assistants and housekeepers.

But you will search long and hard for jobs in IT, engineering, pharmaceuticals, to name but a few.

Poppies in the Charente

And if you are qualified in the UK for one of the skills there is a demand for, you need to check that your qualifications arerecognised in France.

But if your French isn't fluent you will find it unlikely that you will ever be considered for a role if there is a Frenchnational available.

(Even if you do have recognised qualifications and you speakFrench fluently, you may still find yourself way down the list).

This is why so many people who still need to work, turn to self-employment usually through starting their own business.

But do be aware the the French taxation system can be a nightmare and you could find yourself liable for a huge bill before you even start earning!

Whichever way you start to earn money - andeven if you don't - sooner or later you will have to grapple with the French taxation system

More on Working in the Charente

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Running gites and chambre d'hotes

If you are planning to run any kind of business, or perhaps you wish to generate income through a hobby or telling your story, then follow the link below to see how it is all possible:

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