WiFi Extensions for Individuals\Gites and Parks

by john inglis

Many French properties have problems getting a WiFi signal around their property and/or gites or in the grounds.

Perhaps you own or run a holiday chalet\gite setup? It seems that nowadays anyone over the age of 8 has a smartphone or tablet. These of course need a Wifi connection to get the best put of them.

The last thing you need is a weak or unavailable WiFi signal. Perhaps the only place to get it outside is on a seat near a window?

I can fit and configure a whole range of WiFi Repeater\Booster\Antennae starting from €40 for a single internal booster.

There are alternative options for full coverage on larger sites or parks where the distances are much greater - up to 200m - 400m perhaps? Quotes can be given after an initial survey to determine the best options.

Any other WiFi,network or other computer-related issues can also be dealt with on a separate basis.
A small fuel charge may be added depending on distance. I am in the 24360 postcode.

John Inglis
Siret: 79025395900015
30+ years experience in IT with Microsoft Operating systems

Computer Help
Repairs, Maintenance, Advice
Installation\Removal, Training, Troubleshooting, Configuration
WiFi Extension Specialist

Tel: 0553 567328

Apologies but I don't do Apple!

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