Weather in the Charente

We all know that the weather in the Charente is a contributory factor for moving down here (even though it has been a bit wet during the last couple of years).

If you’re sick of drizzle, grey clouds and depressing forecasts, the Charente usually offers a little respite from the cold and damp for most of the year. On the other hand, if tropical summers and storm-force winds are getting on top of you, then the Charente provides something of a milder climate to which you can grow accustomed.

However, even the south of France isn’t immune to a little troublesome meteorological activity from time to time, particularly in the winter, where it tends to be bitterly cold about once every four years.

The thunder storms in the summer are also worth keeping an eye out for, as they can put on quite a spectacle!

To keep up to date with what’s going on in the skies you might find the following weather map and link to AccuWeather useful:

It is fairly easy to navigate your way around the site and though Chalais is its default setting here, you can change the location quite simply if you live outside the south Charente, or should you be planning a trip elsewhere in France - or indeed anywhere in the world.

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