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Wow, Sarah! I’m impressed by all you do and look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship—for me I can see it will greatly reduce the stress of home ownership and rental in another country.

Thank you so much for selling the car! I'm amazed that it actually went before I return to France. I have checked my bank balance and the cheque did go in without a problem.

As well as all else you’re doing for us, thanks for being so “on-the-ball” and taking care of everything.

Hugh (IT Consultant)

We have run two businesses here in the Charente for 10 years. In all that time, Sarah is the only person we have found who, when asked to do something gets it done. We know that when we put something in her hands, it gets done

Sarah doesn't take no for an answer when she's fobbed off by a French civil servant or "customer service" person.

For example, we had been told we owed 3,000 euros to the Government. Sarah knew it was a mistake, so she kept ringing different people in different offices until she found someone who agreed it had been a mistake and changed the records to show we didn't owe any money. That was a huge relief to us!

We've paid an accountant for years. But Sarah has achieved things that they hadn't and she was even able to correct mistaken information that the accountant had passed on to us.

These days, we get Sarah to do things like our tax returns as well as sort out the paperwork for our cars and sort out Internet and phone providers - and the list goes on.

She really is worth her weight in gold!

Tina & Neil (Business Owners)
South Charente

We have used Sarah's services since we bought our house in 2006 after she was highly recommended to us by a fellow holiday-home owner and friend of many years.

Sarah's knowledge of all things French has proved invaluable.

Together with Ian they make a great team and can sort out quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively anything that comes up relating to owning and running a holiday rental property.

Caroline & William (European Property Business)

I still call on Sarah when complicated situations occur

Sarah has been helping me for nearly ten years. It can be extremely hard when first arriving in France to set up utility bills, insurances, car re-registration etc. Although my husband and I initially set all these things up alone, after about a year it seemed to me that we were paying a vast amount of money having signed up for everything apart from the telephone through our local bank.

Through the grapevine I heard about Sarah who has lived here I think now for about 22 years and knows just about every hoop to jump through.

We spent hours pouring through every bank statement, insurance document and bill; consequently Sarah discovered that by changing phone provider we could cut our phone bill in half. We had been paying twice for the same medical insurance. Sarah managed to negotiate a refund on one of them for us, this may sound easy but believe me it is not always that easy in France - the French don't usually do 'the customer is always right'!

We have gradually moved all our insurances to a company recommended by Sarah at a huge saving.

Sarah has also helped me sort out child allowance, bus passes for schools, wisdom tooth removal ; the list is endless.

Sarah was also fantastic with the way she helped me with the purchase of my restaurant. She acted as a go-between with the previous owner, the accountants, the bank and the Notaire.

I continue to use Sarah's services with the staff contracts and other paperwork. And still call on her to help with other tricky situations. In the first six months of this year alone, Sarah has saved me over 7,000€!!

I would recommend Sarah without hesitation to anyone who is needing help settling into their new life in France. Sarah is thorough, incredibly helpful and extremely patient.

My French has improved enough that I can usually deal with the more simple things, but I still call on Sarah when complicated situations occur.

Catherine (Restaurant Owner)

I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to you for her Professional skills in:
property search and preparation of purchaser specification;
sound advice re the location’s advantages/drawbacks;
establishment of Banking facilities;
assessing the negotiating positions to be adopted re the vendors;
price negotiation, progressing the appropriate paperwork through the rather labyrinthine French system and managing the purchasing process through the local Notaire’s office.

In addition she supplies good translation skills and will organise such details as utilities (re)connection and tariffs (phone, internet broadband, electricity, water etc) if required post purchase.

This latter is an invaluable service for those who possess ‘tourist French’ only. She also operates a successful Gite/House rental support service for those who wish to rent out their properties.

She is also rather adept at finding and organising local trades in electricals, plumbing, building, carpentry, garden maintenance, Security services etc and managing those trades during modifications to properties.

Taken overall, the above services engender considerable savings compared to the rather more expensive services of local Estate Agents.

Dr Peter S (Bio-chemist & Company Director)
St Severin

Sarah was instrumental in dealing with the Immobilier and the Notaire in the purchase of our house five years ago. Our understanding of French and particularly the legal system was sadly lacking and we could not have done it without her patience, time and understanding.

Sarah was also able to deal magnificently with the setting up of all the utilities in an efficient and pleasant manner and she continues to be of valuable assistance whenever required. It seems all I have to do is call or email her and things get done.
I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to you.

Anne (Retired Teacher)

My wife Jennifer and myself have known Sarah for over 10 years and are more than happy to provide the following character and professional reference.

Sarah has excellent knowledge and skills regarding purchasing,managing,maintaining and improving properties in the Charente region and achieves results efficiently and pleasantly, notwithstanding the French penchant for a degree of beaurocracy.

She has helped us on many occasions by knowing exactly what or whom is required for the solution to diverse problems or requirements.

Sarah is totally trustworthy and provides an essential infrastructure of support and expertise at all stages of property search,purchase and thereafter.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah's services-our "French life" would not have been as enjoyable and trouble free as it has been for the last ten years without her professional yet personable help.

John and Jennifer (Retired Marketing Director & Teacher)

We have known Sarah since we purchased our property in France in 2007. She had provided a property care service to the previous owners who spoke very highly of her support and strongly recommended that we should continue to use her services.

Since that time Sarah has assisted us in a number of very useful ways. She regularly visits our property to check for problems, provides care and maintenance for the house and swimming pool, maintains contact with the utility companies when required, liaises with plumbers and the like to ensure repairs are carried out and keeps us informed. Living locally, she often helps us sort out ad-hoc problems.

It has proved to be extremely useful to have somebody we can trust and who can speak French helping us with all of the above tasks. More recently she has been acting as our representative in buying a piece of land. This has involved meeting with the vendor and notaire, providing us with advice on how the French purchase process works, and updating us on progress.

We find Sarah to be very friendly, easy going and trust worthy. She is always prepared to help and we value her advice as this certainly helps us navigate through the sometimes mysterious way that things are done in France!"

Mike & Hilary
(Management Consultant) Pillac

My family and I found Sarah’s services to be invaluable before, during, and after our move to France. We feel extremely fortunate to have found her.

Sarah is a very knowledgeable, approachable and patient lady. She has helped us with not only finding the house of our dreams, but has assisted us greatly with other tasks including arranging for our sons to attend the local school, registering with the local doctor, dentist and sorting out our utilities.

I would not hesitate to recommend her services, and I myself will continue to use and recommend her in the future.

Sharon & Sam (Company Director & IT Tester)