The Services we offer

Why use our services?

Trying to find and buy a property in France is not as easy as it is at home. Even in these days of the Internet, emails and cheap international calls, when buying your dream home (or an investment property), nothing is as good as walking around the property yourself.

But unless you are fortunate enough to have all the time in the world, how are you going to wade through all the different estate agents' websites; trawl through all their fanciful descriptions; shortlist the handful you do want to view; make appointments with the various agents; and get over here to view them at a time convenient to you? Only to be disappointed when you find that the pictures and descriptions are not quite what you see on the ground.

This is where our first service comes in...

Home Finding Service

In the Home Finding Service, we, or rather Sarah (she's easily the best at this side of things) will discuss your property needs in depth. We will then draw up a detailed profile of the type of home you are looking for, which areas you like, when you want to buy, what your budget is, etc.

Armed with this information, Sarah will search the area for you; sound out her network; ask in the local butchers, bakers and notaires' offices; and even knock on doors of likely looking houses. (These things you can only do in France if you have lived here for nigh on twenty years and the locals know you're not an estate agent!)

Next we draw up a "Possibles" list and visit all the likely properties available to see how they match your criteria. We photograph and make notes of everything we see so that we can sort out the wheat from the chaff and create a "Probables" list for you.

Once we have shared the photographs, videos and our notes with you, so that we can all properly discuss the "Probables", we will draw up a "To View" list with you. Sarah will then contact these property owners and arrange mutually convenient viewing times.

When you arrive to view your selected properties, we will meet you at a convenient, esy to find, location and go with you to introduce the owners and act as your interpreter where necessary. (We will be involved as much or as little as you want us to be.)