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There seemed little point in enjoying the benefits of the French sunshine and continental lifestyle if we had to worry about money, work and the bills.

Solo Build It! gave us the opportunity to build an entire internet-based business from home, even though we had never run an internet business before.

The internet has HUGE potential for everyone, but the problem is, most individuals and very, very small businesses tend to be put off by the sheer scale of it. We certainly were. After all, how on Earth were we supposed to compete with the presence of multi-national corporations with millions of dollars to throw at advertising, when all we had was a desk, a chair and a hormonal computer?

But SBI! is the perfect package for anyone wishing to build a website- whether it's to sell a product or service, or simply to write about your favourite topic. The truth is, any website has the power to generate revenue, provided there is good, solid and relevant content to go in it. And all you need is a PC and an internet connection.

Luckily, SBI! tells you exactly how to go about building your website and which revenue sources are the best for what you hope to achieve.

We've already started a second SBI! site for a friend and we're about to embark on our third. It really has been an amazing investment and we thoroughly recommend you have a look. Even if you've never: Considered creating a website before Bought or sold anything on the internet before Heard of the term HTML before You can guarantee SBI! will be able to help you out.

We'll let the product and case studies speak for themselves, but please do have a look and see what all the excitment's about!

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