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Buying without agents

Have you been looking for property for sale in France, but wanted to avoid paying large agency fees?

Nobody can blame you for that!

When buying a property in France, it is the purchaser who pays the Estate Agent's fees, not the vendor. And the Agents usually charge between 5 to 10 per cent of the property price!!

So it's no surprise that around half the homes for sale in France actually get sold privately using the local Notaire's office to make sure that both parties are protected.

On these pages we have listed properties that are for sale by the owners.

How does it work?

Advertising homes for sale or building land for sale can be expensive and time-consuming.
Many people who contacted us said "Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly and easily build a web page that was entirely devoted to your property?

And wouldn't it be even better if it was absolutely free?"

Well, now it is! Simply tell us about your property in the form here and hit the "Send for Publishing" button...

If you are looking to buy a property and you see something that you are interested in, once again the process is easy!
Simply open the Request for Property Information form; note down the property (or properties) you are interested in; let us know how to contact you and we will do the rest.

If the property owner is happy for us to pass on their contact details and the purchaser is comfortable with contacting the owner, we will put both parties in touch. There is absolutely no fee for this service.

How do we get paid? We will only charge if either the vendor or the purchaser asks us to provide any of our normal services.

You will get an idea of the type of services we provide on the Testimonials page. Typically, we will be asked to put together a list of properties for a client to view when they come over to the Charente. Some of these may be registered with estate agents, but often they will be for sale privately.

For example, not so long ago Sarah was driven around the Charente - Dordogne border by a semi-retired local farmer. He knows many properties, large and small, that are (or shortly will be) up for sale whose owners prefer not to use agents. This was part of a couple of commissions we were working on. The clients obviously had first pick of these, and others appeared on these pages.

Sarah only charges a flat fee for her time, which people find is far more cost-effective than paying tens of thousands of euros to an estate agent. As an example: on a house sale of 140,000 euros your saving would be between 5,000 to 12,000 euros.

If you would like to ask Sarah about finding a property in the Charente for you, just drop her a line here.

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