Property Finding Service that brings the Charente to you

Why use a property finding service?

House buying tops the table of the “most stressful life experiences”. Buying a property abroad can push stress levels off the chart...

Owning a second home in the Charente for holidays or as an investment is a dream, and you don't need it turning into a nightmare!

Our advice is: Relax, Unwind and Let the Charente come to you!

A helping hand

With local knowledge and experience extending back to 1991, our unique range of services will help you with all aspects of your purchase.

The Property for Sale page on this website has listings of houses and land for sale that have been advertised by the owners themselves.

Throughout the Property sections of the site, there is also plenty of advice and information about how the property purchase process works in France.

But the Property Finding Service can also help you in a much more proactive way – saving you time and money*...


We will go through your requirements with you to gain a thorough understanding of exactly what you are looking for and what your budget is.

You can let us do the hard work (and rely on our local knowledge) to sift through the dross.

Using all our resources for you, we will:
o scour ads in the press and online;
o investigate private sales;
o and call our personal contacts at estate agencies.


We will view and evaluate all the properties we can find that match your requirements and create a shortlist. shortlist of the most suitable properties

You decide which properties from the shortlist you would like to take a look at and we will arrange visits at times to suit you.

If work or other committments prevent you from getting over here to view, we will take you on a video tour of the property to give you an idea of how well the property matches your requirements.

Building Land

If you have decided on a brand-new house, so are looking for building land, we will use our new-build experience in France to vet the planning permission to ensure that it is valid for what you want

view to a build

If you need introductions to local building firms we can get in touch with our personal contacts for you.

Negotiation & Translation

Once you have decided on your ideal property, the Property Finding Service has yet more to offer...!

You can do as much or as little of the negotiation as you are comfortable with. We can handle all the dealings with the owners or their agents – or we can act simply as interpreters if you want to handle the negotiation yourself.

Either way, you can call upon our expert local knowledge to help you get the best deal.

If you are planning a new-build or you want to refurbish the property you intend to buy, we can find and negotiate with local building firms for you.

We will also deal with the Notaire responsible for the sale on your behalf and accompany you to their offices when the time comes to sign contracts.

We can even take on Power of Attorney for you and handle the contractual side in your absence.

It's your investment

And we keep that thought at the forefront of our minds. That may be why we have developed such good relationships with all our clients long after they have bought their property.

We like to think our friendly, easy approach helps, too!

You can see what some of our clients have said about the Property Finding Service here:

To find out more, simply contact us and find out how much time and money* you can save.

(* Typically, by buying directly from the owners, on a property of 150,000 euros, Sarah's clients save about 8,000 euros on agency fees and can possibly save a further 4,000 euros on transferring currency. Not bad, when her fees are usually fixed at about 2,500 euros!)