Civil Marriage in France

In order to enter into a civil marriage in France, whether or not you are a French national, you must contact your local Mairie.

Although the following information is largely aimed at British Nationals, it is also relevant for non-British Citizens. At the bottom of the page are links to other embassies, which should provide more specific information on civil marriage.

Any British or non-British national who wants to get married in France must contact their own Consulate in France.

The information below is given only as a guide.


There is a minumum stay of one month in the town where you intend to get married, for which proof of residence will be required.

The minimum age to get married is 18 years for a man and 15 for a woman (that hardly seems fair, but who are we to judge?!)

Both parties must give their consent (which is reassuring) and any minors (those under 18) must have written consent from a parent or legal guardian. If they are not resident in France, their signatures need to be witnessed by a French Consular Officer.

There must not be any close family relationship or ties between the future husband and wife. Some communes will require a blood test to make sure there is no connection.


A valid Passport

Certificate of Naturalisation: Applicants who acquired British nationality by naturalisation, or by registration, should produce their certificate of naturalisation or registration, in addition to their passport.

Widows and Widowers: Should produce a copy of their spouse's death certificate

Divorcees: Should produce a copy of their Decree Absolute

Birth certificate: It is necessary to provide the "certified copy of an entry" (the full version with the names of the parents) with a translation. The Consulate does not undertake any translation. The legalisation of British documents and their translation must be apostilled according to the following procedure:

1. The documents must be translated and presented with the originals to a solicitor registered with the Law Society in the United-Kingdom.

2. The solicitor must verify the authenticity of the document and certify that the translation is correct. It is imperative that the solicitor signs his own name and that of the firm.

3. The document should then be submitted for the apostille to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, at the following address (we advise you to contact them beforehand):

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Old Admiralty Building
The Mall
London SW1A 2LG
Tel:0207 008 1111

For further information from the FCO on civil marriage in France click here

For information specifically for UK and US Citizens, you might like to visit the

British Embassy Website

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