The Long un-Winding Roads

It’s been nearly two weeks since my boyfriend, Andrew and I contorted ourselves into the spare cubic inch that was left in our Rover hatchback and set off to find work in the Charente. Astounded that we weren't stopped at customs and ordered to unload our worldly goods (one of the benefits of catching the ferry at the ungodly hour of 6 am is that all of the staff tend to be as bleary-eyed and indifferent about protocol as we are!) we embraced the nine hour drive with a sense of optimism.

After losing our Autoroute ticket, the detailed directions so laboriously transcribed by yours truly and all sensation below the waist, however, the positivity soon began to waiver and pleasant conversation quickly became our greatest challenge. Whose idea was this again?

Thankfully the car held out and got us to our destination with our relationship still intact.

We came to live at my parent's new house, which they bought a little over four months ago. They are in the throes of renovation and part of the plan is that I might be able to help with the earnings whilst they are otherwise engaged. I say part of the plan as if there ever was one, we really just fancied a different view from our bedroom window.

At the moment Andrew is busy trying to break into the French jazz and film music scene and I am working on my father's website, which has been relegated to the proverbial back burner since my folks decided to leave behind their 17th century cottage in the Cotswolds to go and live on a building site. I guess my penchant for senseless snap decisions is hereditary.

The holiday feeling has waved goodbye and legged it as the bank balance decreases much more quickly than we said we’d allow it. We even woke up this morning to relentless murky drizzle, which saturated the engine of the car so it wouldn’t start. It seems Monday mornings are the same all over the world. Still, there is much left to do, so we’re not packing away the phrase book and dashing back towards the ferry port just yet. We received an invitation to go and meet the Mairie in a few days’ time so we’re beginning to feel a sense of integration. Let’s just hope the promise of work is lurking around the corner…