Links and Freebies

Here are some links and freebies that we found useful:

Excel Money Watch - Free Download

Excel Money Watch is a fantastic way to keep track of your finances. It is simple to use. All you need to run it is Microsoft Excel or Open Office. You can keep track of several bank accounts; credit cards; mortgage; your major investments such as your house; etc. Download for free!

There's also an easy to use earnings and expenditure calculator to help you keep on top of your spending - and away from the loan sharks!

MoneyWatch Free Download - Home Page

This Home page presents all the information from the other pages for you as a continuously updated report.

You can navigate easily through the spreadsheet - either via the tabs at the bottom of each sheet or through the various account links.

Sample page of MoneyWatch

You can personalise the template simply by renaming the tabs and the hyperlinks to your own account names. The Microsoft help facilities are easy to follow.

All you need to run this program is Microsoft Excel or Open Office. Simply click here to download your free copy. This will allow you to save a zip file containing Money Watch to your computer. (The file has been scanned and is free from viruses)
If you have any difficulties getting started, please just contact us.

Useful Links

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