How to keep more of your own money

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Have you noticed how many institutions and individuals want to separate you from your hard-earned income and / or pension?

Some of us would like to see you keeping more of your money - especially when you decide to live or work in the more relaxed environment of the Charente.

Wouldn't it be great if you could relax the grip that banks and governments have on your money? An offshore bank account designed for ordinary people could well be the right solution for you.

If you, like many of us, have been misled by media mishandling of information about offshore banking and the legitimacy and usefulness of it, this article is intended to help set the record straight.

If you currently live (or are coming to live) in the Charente; or you have a home here; or, perhaps, you regularly work here for your company; you may well benefit substantially from an offshore bank account.

In this piece, offshore banking will be explained in its most straightforward sense. It's essential to pass this information on because governments are so cautious about money-laundering and paranoid about tax evasion that they have been extremely successful in getting the media to blanket cover anything relating to “offshore” as evil and illegal. So much so, that the very real and legitimate reasons for banking offshore are completely ignored!

As stated above, expats, or those who own a property abroad, or people with what might be termed an “international lifestyle”, can all potentially benefit a lot from an offshore bank account.

By its very nature such an account is flexible. And when you're living abroad or sending money back and forth between more than one country or carrying out transactions in more than one currency, then the very thing you need is flexibility from an offshore account.

But let's cover what offshore banking is not: -

Offshore banking is NOT illegal Offshore banking is NOT immoral Offshore banking is NOT just for the rich or famous Offshore banking is NOT about hiding money Offshore banking is NOT about evading or avoiding taxation

Okay, with that cleared up here is offshore banking explained in a nutshell!

Many of the leading high street banks offer offshore banking services to clients. Basically offshore banking is the management of financial assets from a jurisdiction other than the one in which you reside. For some people it does have very real and legitimate taxation advantages, but for the vast majority of us, it is all about ease of money management.

If you're living in France but still own property or have financial obligations in the UK, an offshore bank account would allow you to move money back and forth between the UK and France and between sterling and the euro with now costs or fees - simply and seamlessly and when the exchange rate is at a favourable level for you.
If you're living in the UK and you have an investment property in France then an offshore bank account could allow you to: manage the money your tenants or guests pay you in euros; pay property management services; pay utilities and tax bills; and also to access the profit in the UK.

If you commute between France and the UK for work, an offshore bank account can allow your employer or your clients to pay you via a normal high street bank - thereby preventing any added hassles for them - and you can access the money from British and French ATMs with one card.You can easily and transparently use the account both in the UK and in France.

If you're working for an international company that requires you to travel regularly for business all over the world, offshore banking could benefit you in other ways, too.Some accounts have additional features for international clients, such as allowing you access to airport lounges and travel services. Some accounts give clients travel insurance as part of the package, too.

An offshore bank account will allow you access to your money in multiple currencies from multiple locations, often fee free. It will allow you to manage your finances at any time of the day or night no matter what time zone you're currently in.And it will help you keep more of your money!

Through agreements with AAA Rated banks in the EU we can offer you an account in Luxembourg that does all of these things, some of the main benefits being;

Strong Luxembourg banking secrecy 24/7 Internet banking and payments NO maintenance fees NO minimum deposit required NO background check Brokerage services Trading of shares, funds, options and derivative products NO personal visit to Luxembourg required Multi-currency account management

The biggest difference between our service and the high-street banks in the UK is that we are a bank in a solid, well-recognized international financial centre that doesn't demand that you have a minimum salary of £50,000 p.a. and a minimum deposit of £25,000 just to open the account.

We think that it is high time that ordinary hard-working individuals had the same rights to banking services as the rich and famous. Just as low-cost airlines have brought international travel within reach of everyone, so we are bringing international movement of money within everybody’s grasp. (But we'll never charge you to use the loo!)

The other massive benefit is the fact that if an account is left to an heir it is not liable for any inheritance tax whatsoever.

Offshore banking in its simplest form suits those of us who make the very most of the fact that we can travel, live and work anywhere, invest in properties abroad or different money markets and who think outside the small box that is the UK.

If you want to know more about the fundamental basics and benefits of offshore banking, please drop me an email at
For my own part, I have lived in Geneva, Switzerland for several years working in Investments / Banking Consulting for the De Vere Group, which has eight billion dollars under management and is the worlds largest independent financial company.

I would be happy to advise you (by phone or meeting face to face) of the best options available to you. I can handle all the contacts between you and Luxembourg, but any personal information is only shared directly with the bank.

I am based in Chalais in the Charente and available to meet up for a coffee and chat. This will give you a very good grounding in the subject and help you see whether an offshore bank account could actually be of benefit to you.

Why not start keeping more of your money now!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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