Crêperie de la Source, Aubeterre

The Crêperie de la Source is a little jewel of a restaurant with the best views in Aubeterre. Situated on the edge of the square, in the very heart of the village, the Crêperie de la Source has two balconies that will seat 26 people. With space in the dining room for another 16 covers.

The views over the Dronne valley are unique. No other restaurant in Aubeterre offers such a panoramic dining experience.

The food's pretty good, too!

The upper balcony and its view

This intimate rustic-style restaurant with its unique culinary creations offers a fine menu of meat and vegetarian dishes as well as Crêperie de la Source specials.

As you can see from our menu to the right, our main dishes are galettes and crêpes.

A galette is a type of savoury pancake made from buckwheat flour. Although it is mostly associated with Brittany the galette is a favourite throughout France and is traditionally served with dry cider (cidre brut).

But, if you prefer, we also have a wide range of other main courses - such as: omelettes with a variety of fillings; salads (Nicoise, smoked duck, Greek salad, Italian salad, etc. to name but a few); toasted sandwiches; and so on.

There are many vegetarian options on our menu, but we are always happy to modify any of our dishes to suit you.

We aim to delight you with our friendly service and attention to detail.

Entrance from rue St Jacques


Wherever possible we source all our ingredients locally in order to guarantee that you taste only the best and freshest food our region can provide.

Our batters are freshly hand-mixed every day on our own premises. Which might be why so many customers say how nice the galettes and crêpes taste.

If salads are what you're looking for, you'll find that the selection at the Crêperie de la Source is probably wider than anywhere else in Aubeterre.

Lower balcony with view over Aubeterre

Lower balcony looking over Dronne Valley


Every day there are special additions to the menu that have been carefully designed and created by the team.

The specials reflect either what ingredients are currently available locally or are a response to customer demand or suggestions.

We are here to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, so please don't be shy if you would like us to create something special for you!


Be sure to call or email to reserve a table as the balconies are in great demand all summer.

Telephone: 05 45 98 61 78

Mobile: 06 23 38 95 87

Email: Crêperie de la Source

All the waiting staff speak English and French and will be looking forward to welcoming you.



Royale: Ham, Lardons, Chorizo, Tomato Sauce, Cheese ....12€
Lardons: Lardons, Onions, Mushrooms, Crème Fraîche, Cheese, Egg ....12€
Bretonne: Crème Fraîche, Blue cheese, Walnuts, Goat's cheese, Honey ....12€
Napolitaine: Egg, Ham, Tomato Sauce, Mushrooms, Cheese ....11€
Végétarienne: Creamed spinach, Onions, Mushrooms, Cheese, Egg....11€
Speciale: Ham, Creme Fraîche, Onions, Cheese, Egg ....11€
Florentine: Creamed spinach, Lardons, Egg....10€
Olive Oyl: Creamed spinach, Cheese, Goat's cheese ....10€
Quatre Fromages: Emmental, Goat's cheese, Blue cheese, Parmesan and Tomatoes ....9.50€
Popeye: Egg, Ham, Creamed spinach ....7.50€
Forestière: Egg, Mushrooms, Onions, Cheese ....7.50€
Complète: Ham, Cheese, Egg ....7.50€
Simple: Ham, Cheese ....5.50€
Nature/Beurre: ....2.50€



Périgourdine: Strawberry sauce and Chantilly cream decorated with fresh Strawberries
Désirade: Coconut ice-cream and shredded coconut    ……….6.00€
Brésil: Coffee ice-cream and Chocolate Sauce ……….6.00€
Canadienne: Apple Compote with Maple syrup ……….6.00€
Québécoise: Maple syrup, Cognac Flambé ……….7.00€
Douceur des Bois: Blackberry sauce, Honey, Chantilly cream……….7.50€
Parisienne: Crème of chestnuts, Vanilla ice-cream, Chantilly cream ……….7.50€
Dame Blanche: Vanilla ice-cream, Chocolate Sauce, Chantilly cream ……….8.00€
Normande: Apple Compote, Flambé Calvados……….7.00€
Forêt Noire: Cherry sauce, Chocolate ice-cream, Chantilly cream, Chocolate Sauce……….9.00€
Gourmande: Raspberry sauce, Vanilla ice-cream, ……….11.00€

You can create your own Crêpe

Starting with a plain Crêpe with butter or sugar ....2.20€

You can add any toppings you like for just .....1.60€ each

Strawberry; Blueberry; Cherry; Raspberry; Rhubarb; Blackberry.

Cinammon; Maple Syrup; Honey; Nutella; Chestnut Spread; Walnuts; Whipped Cream; Dessicated Coconut.

Flambés (2.50€ each)
Grand Marnier; Calvados; Armagnac; Cognac; Cointreau.

Menu du Jour

Salade Chevre Chaud
Galette Complète
Crêpe Sucre or your choice of 2 Boules of ice cream

Children's Menu

Plats ……….4.00€ 

Chicken Nuggets & Chips
Ham & Chips
Egg & Chips
Small Ham & Cheese Galette
Ham & Cheese Salad
Tuna & Egg Salad

Formule ……….5.00€

One Plat
One Dessert:
A Crêpe Sucre
1 Boule of ice-cream (any flavour you choose)