Catherine Herring & Andrew Christie

After being together for nearly three years, Andrew and Catherine decided to soothe their itchy feet and explore the French arts scene by moving to the Charente to live with Catherine’s parents.

Although both were enjoying the benefits of being self-employed in England (Catherine is a freelance writer and tutor and Andrew a jazz pianist), the acres of rural landscapes and the French passion for music and theatre drew the couple to the region.

Artistic differences...

"The French arts scene gains a lot more support as much from government as from the man (or woman!) dans la rue. We have visited the Charente region on many occasions and they’re always having some kind of festival or performance-related event, even in the smallest town. Plus, the countryside is so beautiful and varied, that it’s a great place for inspiration"

says Catherine, sitting under a fig tree as she looks over the fields of sunflowers, corn and barley. Apparently it makes a welcome change from the view of the butcher’s shop she had when she was back in Gloucestershire!

Taking the plunge...

The move to France was something of a leap of faith. Both left behind regular work, with no guarantee of an income in their new venture. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, both feel very positive about the future and are looking forward to getting involved with the French lifestyle.