Building Materials

If you’re renovating or redecorating, the cost of building materials can run away with you.

If you’ve hired contractors to do the job, then they’ll probably know of better places to go than us.

But if you’re doing the work yourself (or you've roped in family members to work their socks off in exchange for a free holiday on a building site), then we’ve found that the two best places for price and quality are:

Castorama and Bricodepot especially for tiles and bathroom and kitchen fittings. Both are part of the Kingfisher Group (who own B&Q) so are quite cost effective.

For major renovation work, (as you can see we do need a lick or two of paint) we found it much more cost effective to set up an account with a couple of the large builders merchants:

Reseau Pro

By careful price comparisons between the two, we have found that we have saved a huge amount compared with shopping at the DIY outlets.

If you don't feel your French is up to talking to these types of enterprises, (or you're a little unsure of going to a builders merchant anywhere!), please just contact us and someone will be happy to help you on your first few trips.

Don't forget - we also have a useful DIY Dictionary that may help with your ordering. Bonne Chance!