Bonne Maison Homes

Hello! I'm Michel Coulamie, the General Manager of Bonne Maison Homes in Petit Giget, near Angoulême.

We have been building individual new homes for satisfied customers in the Charente since 1988.

Michel Coulamie - General Manager

If you are looking for your own dream home in the Charente, why not come and talk to us. You can speak directly to our design team so that your own plans and individual design ideas can be included in the project.

Once you are happy that we have captured your needs and desires, we employ local artisans, who have been schooled in the traditional methods of the Charente, to realise your inspiration.

But what if you haven't found that ideal spot to build your dream home? It's never to early to come to see us. (We're conveniently located near Angoulême - but with easier parking!) You may even find that we can help with your search for a building plot.

Bonne Maison Homes Bureau

Once you have discovered your shangri-la the Bonne Maison Homes team will be able to help with every other aspect:

~ Drawing up plans to get planning permission
~ Steering you through the administrative maze
~ Setting up a project plan
~ Carry out soil studies
~ Check out the orientation and where the sun has most impact on the plot
~ Examine how the local environment will affect your home and its construction
~ Everything including a 'photo-fit' to show what your house will look like in-situ.

And when we've done all this we will also help you sort out the best financial plan for you.
A medium-sized Bonne Maison home

Remember our guiding objective is to ensure long-term customer satisfaction. We know that we are building your home, not just another house.In order to achieve our objective we work hard to maintain a satisfied workforce and an excellent relationship with our team of artisan partners. But we can't do that if our clients are not happy.

No-one will work harder for your satisfaction than your Bonne Maison Homes team.

Contact us directly by telephone:
O5 45 61 26 26

or via our website:
Bonne Maison Homes ( )

or, if you're a little uncertain of your French and you would like a native English speaker - who is used to working with us - to accompany you, simply complete the
Contact Us
form on this site and someone from Home in the Charente will contact you.

Or even write to me at BONNE MAISON, Constructions Artisanales,
35 bis, rue de Tivoli, Petit Giget, 16400 VOEUIL et GIGET

I look forward to hearing from you!

A larger Bonne Maison home