TV Licence

What's it used for?

The television licence fee
(redevance audiovisuelle) funds public service television broadcasting. It used to be assessed and collected by the Television Licence Fee Service, but now it is collected by the revenue service and you are sent a demand with your taxe d'habitation. It is assumed that you have a TV and you have to declare that you don't have one if this is the case.

Who pays the fee?

You must pay the fee if you possess one or more television sets at the same address, provided that they are for private use.

Declaring your television
You must declare any set that you buy or receive (as a gift or inheritance, for example within 30 days of taking possession.

The fee is paid in a single instalment for the whole year. There is a 30% surcharge for late payment. Payment in several instalments has been possible since 1/1/2002. The procedure is shown on the order to pay (avis d'échéance). For further information contact:
Centre régional de la redevance de l'audiovisuel
19, Place des Carmes
31092 Toulouse CEDEX
Telephone: 0562 25 41 00